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Shenzhen Inteltron warmly welcome you to join us We offer Broad space for development and R&D platform We offer best service for the worldwide high end customer We offer good develop space and challenge technical develop platform for talents. Being the most professional supplier

Product Manager


1.Bachelor degree or above

2.Excellent communication skill,Good overall quality,clarity of thought.

3.Be familiar with the home appliance or power tools market or or BMS, industry control or other field PCBA application.5 years of working experience at least.

4.Have experience in product managing and have a good knowledge of the market.have a sensitive nose for the market

5.R&D working experience is preferred

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Senior Software Engineer


1.Bachelor degree or above.Major should be related to Electronics

2.Be familiar with

3.Have at least 5 years working experience in developing small home appliance PCBA or similar products

4.Working experience in developing Electric kitchen products such as smoke extractors, gas ring or Blender is preferred

5.Have excellent communication skills and be ambitious

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Market Research Specialist

Main Task:

1.Gather market information,analyze the market.

2.Make related marketing strategy according to the market information

3.Hand in the report and forecast the market tendency and make corresponding plans and strategies


1.Bachelor degree or above,fluent in writing English and spoken English

2.Familiar with the Electronics industry,have related marketing analyzing experience

3.Have an active mind,be aggressive and be willing to accept challenge

4.Be sincere and open-minded.have a great sense of responsibility,be good at communication

5.Good organization, cooperation and management ability.Can handle work pressure.have time management skill and responsibility.

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Project Leader


1.Bachelor degree or above.Major related to Electronics is preferred

2.At least 3 years working experience in designing Electronic product soft&hardware,2 years working experience in Project managing

3.Capable of judging whether project is practicable or not,communicating with clients about the technical issues.

4.Have excellent communication skills,have clear thoughts.

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