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Five smart features of a high-quality Hair Dryer PCBA



Five smart features of a high-quality Hair Dryer PCBA


The efficient circuit design of Hair Dryer PCBA: 


In a hair dryer, the heater and motor are considered to be the main parts, but in reality when we talk about efficiency then the circuit diagram becomes one of the most important key factors in all. The entire operation of a Hair Dryer PCBA depends on the design of the driver circuit, which means, how deliberately it is transferring the power. Also, we provide an extra layer of masking on the Hair Dryer PCBA so that it doesn’t get damaged due to humid conditions. In Inteltron, we design our Hair Dryer PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) with highly experienced engineers.


Low Power consumption of Hair Dryer PCBA: 


Usually, appliances like hair dryer, dry iron, and hair iron are smaller in size but in comparison to other appliances it draws much more power than we think. Our Hair Dryer PCBA and the supporting parts require much less power consumption than the industry’s average standard. Though the duration that people use the hair dryer is not that long but still, we care for small details to make the product efficient in every possible aspect.


Best industry-grade components: 


In a Hair Dryer PCBA, there are a few major items that matter the most. If few names are mentioned then they’ll be diodes (for rectification purposes), resistors, and capacitors (for filtering of the incoming current). We use the best quality through-hole and SMD components to make the process acceptable for demands around the globe. Another key factor of a Hair Dryer PCBA is the heating coil. We ensure the best quality materials are used for the coils as well so that they can withstand any extreme conditions and last long. Also, the comb driver quality is the best from the design aspect without any doubt. We provide best-in-class comb driver actuators in our hair dryer PCBA to ensure 100% workability.


The silent motor of a Hair Dryer:


One of the most important key factors is the motor in a Hair Dryer. As we’ve seen in most hair dryers, it produces a lot of noises which is annoying and disturbing at the same time. We make sure that the quality of the motor meets the entire industry standard and produces less noise even when running at close to full RPM (Revolution per Minute).


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Safety protection in Hair Dryer PCBA: 


The most important thing is safety. We consider all the safety features that should be embedded into a Hair Dryer PCBA so that users can feel comfortable and safe at the same time when using the hair dryer. In a few cases, our designers have noticed water intrusion or foreign material insertion inside of the hair dryer through the back inlet. Our engineers made sure that no harm occurs when operating. If there is any chance of a short circuit then it’ll automatically disconnect the power supply and make sure of the safety of the user.




In Shenzhen Inteltron Intelligent S&T Co. Ltd, we always make sure the customer satisfaction and safety. We will make sure that from designing the Hair Dryer PCBA to assembling them into the chassis our certified quality controllers inspect and verify the process so that no error occurs in any pieces. Our Hair Dryer PCBA can meet any industry-level tests and surpass any level. In addition to that, Inteltron has vast experience in this field and also has a team of passionate engineers and an excellent R&D team to innovate new ideas and implement them industrially. Visit our website to know more about us. You can contact us for any queries.



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