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Five essential and smart features of a high-speed BLDC MCU



Best compatible BLDC MCU:


There are hundreds of driver units that can be found in the market for running a BLDC (Brushless DC motor). But among all kinds of drivers, for them, MCU which stands for Microcontroller Unit Drivers are the best for their excellent rapid performance and comparatively low power consumption. In addition to that, our designed MCU has a wide range of input voltage support along with customizable input power. In Inteltron our engineers design the circuit in a way so that it can be used with any system or any program. Our BLDC MCU has the best compatibility among all other drivers.




Low Power consumption of microcontrollers:

Plenty of microcontrollers are available depending on the application. Our engineers select the best microcontroller so that the entire power consumption can be reduced at a greater rate and at the same time the response time is shorter. Many companies manufacture microcontrollers but in Inteltron we pick the best quality product which meets all the industry standard and fit anywhere. Apart from that, this BLDC MCU has the built-in HALL sensor to detect the current position and let the MCU know what the current status of the motor is so that the MCU can calculate speed and position.


Best industry-grade components (Long lasting design):


Some parts are considered the major blocks in a driver circuit of BLDC MCU which are: ADC (analog to digital converters), PWM (pulse width modulation), Modulator, and Two or Three-phase converters. Our research and development (R&D) teams ensure that all the blocks are well designed and maintained nicely to make a smooth operation when driving a BLDC motor using the BLDC MCU.

The parts used inside the motor are quality certified. We always make sure the qualities of the copper used in the windings are the best in the industry. The chassis and the permanent magnets are also industry standard so that they can last long. One of the key factors in Brushless DC motors is the noise, our designers make sure to keep the noise level at the minimum so that it doesn’t create too much noise when operating. Using PWM techniques the speed can be controlled easily by the Brushless DC motor.




Smart Safety feature in MCU:


The best part of a BLDC MCU is the safety features. Because when dealing with a brushless motor due to several key factors the driver circuit or BLDC MCU gets damaged. To avoid this inconvenience we’ve pre-installed a few safety features in the BLDC MCU so that whatever happens it doesn’t cause harm to any of the connected items such as the BLDC MCU, Motor itself, source, etc.

It has Overvoltage/under voltage protection, Locked-rotor protection, and Over current protection installed on-board. If there is a short circuit then this BLDC MCU will cut off the ongoing signal instantly and sets the motor in the off state. After a certain period, it’ll try once again to connect the entire circuit but still if there is a problem it’ll notify the operator and assist to take such measures so that electrical hazards can be avoided.




In Inteltron, we always ensure the quality of the product, because quality is what matters the most. And devices like BLDC MCU should be designed with precaution to avoid any kinds of error so that it doesn’t occur any electrical hazards. We suggest operators follow our safety features instructions and read manuals so that they can get a brief idea of controlling the MCU easily. Visit our website to know more about us. You can contact us for any queries.



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