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A Quick Guide On DC Motor With Controller


dc motor with controller


What is a DC motor with controller?

In the current industrial sector, DC (direct current) motors are practically everywhere; in robots, automobiles, small and medium-sized motored applications, etc. For instance, DC engines are almost everywhere based on their vast range of functionality. 

What is a DC motor with Controller? 

A DC motor with a Controller is an electric device that transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. The DC motors receive electrical power, utilize the direct current, and convert it to automatic rotation. There are various DC motors with controllers, e.g., the mechanisms used to pull hoists and elevators, power vehicles, and small ones found in toys. 

How does a DC motor with Controller Work?

A DC motor with controller has two essential parts: an armature and a stator- the stator is the permanent part of the engine while the armature is the rotating part. 

The stator has got stationery sets of magnets and a coil of wire. The wire has current running through it, generating an electromagnetic field. One or more coil windings of the insulated wire get wrapped around a motor's core to concentrate the magnetic field.

The windings of the insulated wire get connected to a rotating electrical switch that applies an electrical current to the coil windings. The rotary electrical switch allows every armature coil to get energized, creating torque (steady rotating force). With the aid of a controller, DC motors convert electrical energy from direct current to mechanical energy are used for propulsion equipment.

Types of DC Motors with Controller

At this point, this guide has explained most of the essential details you need to know about a DC motor with controller as highlighted below:


  • Brushless DC motors (BLDC)

These are electrically commutated motors. In contrast to the brushed DC motor, the BLDC motor lacks a commutator. However, it instead uses a servo mechanism that detects and subsequently adjusts the rotor angle. The controller uses sensors to detect the rotor’s position.BLDC motors are the most durable and safe due to the absence of brushes, which are wear-prone parts. They are applied in electric vehicles, heating, and ventilation systems.

  • Stepper DC motors

Stepper DC motor is a brushless DC motor, but the motor rotates in stages or steps. Stepper motors power machines that require a shift of precision positionings such as robots, printers, cameras, and CNC machines.

Why choose a DC motor with a controller?

A DC motor with controller is highly recommended for it is excellent when you need high starting torque and because it fires the correct phase winding at the right time. Additionally, you don’t need to control the speeds since they are automatically managed.


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