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Difference between a Motor Controller and a Motor Driver



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Understanding how motor controller circuit works


In almost every electronic or robotic project, motor driver and motor controller applications have vital roles. But there are many confusing questions on the actual difference between Motor controller and motor driver. This article then discusses the key things you need to differentiate between the two devices.

What is a motor driver?

A motor driver is a device or an electronic circuit that drives the motor by providing proper electrical power to the motor. It provides enough electrical energy to the motor to gain the required speed and torque. Motor drivers are made of power semiconductor devices such as SCRs, MOSFETs, etc.

The functions of motor driver

  • The motor driverprovides enough electrical power to the motor to gain the required torque and speed.
  • The motor driveralso controls the direction of rotation and the speed of the motor.

An example of a motor driver is the 'H' Bridge Circuit

What is a motor controller?

A motor controller is a device or an electronic circuit responsible for complete control of the motor. It controls torque, speed, direction and takes feedback from the motor. A motor controller can take one or more inputs from USB, sensors, feedback circuits, keypads, etc., process them and create a control signal to control the motor with the help of the motor driver.

The functions of the motor controller

  • A motor controllertakes multiple inputs and instructions from different input devices and creates a control signal for the motor.
  • The motor controlleralso controls the torque, speed, direction of the motor and takes feedback signals.

Some examples of motor controllers are microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Difference between a motor controller and a motor driver

  • A motor controllermainly controls speed, torque, the direction of the motor, while a motor driver specifically provides enough electrical power to the motor.
  • A motor controllercan take input and feedback signals from multiple input devices and process them. A motor driver only takes instructions from the motor controller.
  • A motor drivercan be used in place of the motor controller for basic controls like speed and torque, but a motor controller cannot be used as a motor driver.

What is a motor controller circuit?

A motor controller circuit is an electronic circuit with three open/close switches that supply positive and negative voltage. It is highly applicable in the industrial sector, elevators, cranes, etc.

How does a motor controller circuit work?

A motor controller circuit is designed so that when A, B, and C phases are connected with motor terminals A, B, C or X, Y, Z, or R1, R2, R3, respectively. They will then run in a forwarding Direction or Clockwise. Interchanging any two terminals of the motor or power supply will rotate reverse.


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