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You can find a dc motor in many electronic appliances around you, including, a hairdryer, cleaner, blender, ceiling fan, a washing machine, and a car. A motor controller ensures makes possible the efficient and safe operation of the motors used in these appliances.

Types of dc motor controllers

There are two main types of dc motors- the typical dc motor with brushes, and the brushless dc motor controller. Both types come with a non-moving source of magnetic fields, called a stator, and a rotating source of magnetic fields, known as the rotor. The interplay of the magnetic fields from the stator and rotor is what makes the motor shaft turn.


Brushed dc motor controller


This operates by applying a dc voltage across its terminals. It uses brushes to deliver commutating current from the motor’s external terminals to the coils of the moving rotor inside. In simpler terms, dc brushed motors have brushes, which are used to commutate the motor to make it spin.


Brushless DC motor controller


These also operate on the same principle of magnetic attraction and repulsions and brush motors, but they are made somewhat differently. In place of a brushes and mechanical commutator, the brushless dc motors do away with the use of brush electrodes to turn round the rotor. This involves the usage of active control electronics.


Brushless dc motor controllers are becoming more popular than their predecessor, the brushed DC motor. Brushed DC motors, as the name suggests, use brushes and a commutator, for controlling the movement of the motor’s rotor. Bldc motor controllers don’t utilize brushes and motor movement is controlled through carefully designed drive signals. Compared to brushed motors, brushless motors offer better reliability, longer life, and lower weight due to their smaller size. Another advantage of bdlc motor controllers is that they can be made smaller and lighter than brush types with the same power output, making the former more suitable for applications where space is tight.


Advantages of brushless dc motor controller


1.Brushless motor controllers are more efficient as their velocity is determined by the frequency at which the current is supplied, not the voltage.

2.As there are no brushes, the mechanical energy loss because of friction is less which in turn creates enhanced efficiency and operation at high speeds under any given condition.


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